Hi guys,

I given up on finding an addon that lets me price attributes generated by the grid uniquely. I was so sure it existed, because this is a common feature to stores.

Product Example:

So, I am have been trying to code this feature myself.

This is as far as I have gotten:

The best way I could figure out to do this was to modify the 'Stock by Attributes' and 'Attribute Grid' addons to also price by attributes.

I figured out where in the attributes.php files I want this feature to show up.

PHP Code:
if ($show_attribute_stock == true) {
$attrib_grid .= '<div class="attrb-price">'.sprintf($attribute_grid_price).'</div>';
$attrib_grid .= '<div class="attrb-stock">'.sprintf(TEXT_ATTRIBUTE_GRID_IN_STOCK$attribute_stock).'</div>';
$attrib_grid .= '</td>';
Now how do I set up $attribute_grid_price to = a price defined in the Admin/Catalog/Products With Attributes Stock that will add to the start price of the product when added to the cart?

I know I need to add too the functions_lookups.php

PHP Code:
// check if any attribute stock values have been set for the product
            // (only of there is will we continue, otherwise we'll use product level data)
$attribute_stock $db->Execute("select stock_id from " TABLE_PRODUCTS_WITH_ATTRIBUTES_STOCK " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id "'");
      if (
$attribute_stock->RecordCount() > 0) {

// prepare to search for details for the particular attribute combination passed as a parameter
if(sizeof($attributes) > 1){
$first_search 'where options_values_id in ("'.implode('","',$attributes).'")';
            } else {
$attributes as $attribute){
$first_search 'where options_values_id="'.$attribute.'"';
Other than that I need some help getting me in the right direction.