Hey all,

I've just encountered a very weird thing. I went into customers and selected a customer and went into their details and it was blank as if no customer had been entered .

Weirder still i then noticed that they had placed an order that had come through which worked. and you can see the address details etc.

Then i went back to click on edit customer and still it wasn't there :S

I then checked the database directly and discovered that some of the fields were there like email address.

I checked another customer who signed up after him to make sure it wasn't a constant fault, and there were no others with this issue.

I then took the details from the order details and the email address from the database and inputted the details into edit customer..... Saved...... and it was still empty.

There must be an email address attached to the account or i wouldn't be able to login to the account through admin.

Any ideas?