When we place an order for a customer from admin (we have Super Orders and Master Password installed) and the shipping and billing address are both in a taxable state, Tax is not being charged to the order.

I am currently on ZC 1.3.8
I am running Super Orders
I am running Master Password
I am running Add Customer from Admin

We add the customer from the Add Customer from Admin module, locate the customer and click the "Place Order" which I believe was installed with Master Password. We are then transfered to the store front and asked if we want to log in as the customer. We login and place the order. The Shipping and Billing are both in a zone that we charge tax but it does not calculate and charge tax.

As a test order I placed the order directly from the front end and it worked correctly.

In looking at the database under Address Book I see that all the California (our tax zone) shipping addresses showed a entry_zone_id = 12 except for the customer in question. When I changed his entry_zone_id =12 in the database it started to enter the correct tax.

So the question is.... how can i fix the "add customer to admin" module to report the correct tax zone?