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    Default Need Kindergarten level install instructions for Categories Dressings

    Hi everyone,
    I can't express my gratitude for this forum enough - I have used the resources here to learn so much about Zen Cart - but I think I have come to the end of that rope.

    My site is http://www.simplydelightfuldesigns.c...ctsandservices and all of my 'products' are found on the left. I'm not completely done adding descriptions and attributes for all products, because I wanted to try to further customize the way the categories are appearing. Basically - I want categories for my categories - but I want them to be in separate sideboxes with different headings.

    *custom website designs
    *premade website designs
    *custom blog designs
    *premade blog designs
    *blog and website packages

    *custom header
    *etsy banner
    *image maps

    I could go on, but these are all products that are currently showing up in one list.... Is category dressings something that could help me achieve what I want? I would also like to use images for each of the headings instead of what I have now... an example here -

    I have spent the better half of today researching the categories dressings, and am not understanding what to do with it very well. I am even willing to pay someone to help me get over this hump. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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