I have this posted in a separate thread - I'm only trying to help by posting it here, so please forgive me if this is not allowed....

I wanted to replace my sidebox title headings with images - I needed step by step directions, and still have not found them, so I'll post what worked for me......

I wanted different images for categories, and the sidebox headings, and had some ezpage headings that I wanted image headings instead of the text - you can see them on my site:


You will see my menu on the left side. The sidebox image headers are now:
CUSTOM DESIGNS - used categories dressing
PREMADE DESIGNS - used categories dressing
OTHER SERVICES - used categories dressing
CLIENT RESOURCES - used Images as titles
ABOUT US - used Images as titles

First - I used
to remove the word Categories that was appearing at the top of the Categories Sidebox - it had been suggested previously to add display: none to the css to categoriesHeading - but a very thorough search did not find that, so I just removed the text and left blank '' marks in the file found in the tutorial above.
Second - I downloaded Categories Dressing. I host with HostGator, and have cpanel, and I was not very familiar with even how to FTP files, so I uploaded the entire zip file to the root of my store, unzipped in the cpanel, and then changed files from there - I posted here on my own process of getting categories dressing to work -


It took a while to figure out how to make just MY image appear - so I will put the code here that I used that worked for me:

right under this:
define ('CAT_BOX_HEADING_#','group|0=nodivider/class|[imgname]|[imgalt][|headcontent|headclass][|headcontent|headclass]...');

I put this:
define ('CAT_BOX_HEADING_1','1|0|customdesigns.png|Custom Designs');

define ('CAT_BOX_HEADING_9','1|0|premadedesigns.png|Premade Designs');

define ('CAT_BOX_HEADING_17','1|0|otherservices.png|Other Services');

you can see where my three .png images are in bold.

These images are located in:
/includes/templates/"your_template"/buttons/english/ --------------------

I also wanted to replace the text heading for the Information sidebox and I had created an EZPages sidebox, with the heading Client Resources, and found out that I needed to use Images as Titles, but had a HECK of a time with hostgator's cpanel in uploading files that were of a duplicate name - so I worked around this by opening the zip folder of Images as Titles side by side of my cpanel - I follwed the path and created the folders and files by copying and pasting right inside of my cpanel.....

However, what I was not understanding was how to save my images and I realized through this forum, that if you name your images in a certain way that it works. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE ANY FILES TO MAKE IT WORK!!!

Ok, so first - to make Images for Titles work, after I had all of the folders/files in the right place - I was confused by the readme instructions where it said:

Name your header title images like boxhead-categories.gif and save in

/your_template/buttons/your_language/. Look in view source to get the box id at the top of each sidebox output.
I wanted to change two sidebox images - information and the ezpages - my source code for each:

<div class="leftBoxContainer" id="ezpages" style="width: 250px">
<h3 class="leftBoxHeading" id="ezpagesHeading">

<div class="leftBoxContainer" id="information" style="width: 250px">
<h3 class="leftBoxHeading" id="informationHeading"><img src="includes/templates/classic/buttons/english/boxhead-information.gif" alt="" width="200" height="55" /></h3>

<div id="informationContent" class="sideBoxContent">

The ID that you will need for each is either ezpages or information

so I saved my images like this:


in this path:

*I don't know if it needs to be a gif file or not, but this is what worked for me. So I would guess if you want an image to replace the word categories for the categories header - then you would need to save your image as

I had previously tried to alter the tpl_box_default_left.php file, but found out through this forum, that if you save your images the right way that it will work automatically.

I hope this saves someone else some time. Glenn, you are probably laughing at me! Yes, simple enough, but I'm telling ya... if it is not spelled out for me like a first grader - I won't get it! Thank you for making a great mod - I'm glad I could figure all of this out!!!