I have a question about my "Who's Online" - at any one time, it is showing many duplicate ip addresses but they are all the same ip which is my own site. Just now, it is showing 33 customers online, 9 duplicates (all my own and 24 unique (4 of these are spiders) - sometimes the duplicates can be many more - it varies constantly.

I am running zencart 1.3.8a and security patches have been applied (including latest). I have not noticed any hacking - missed the big one that got a lot of people a few months ago. Cant see any suspicious php files where they shouldnt be although I am yet to do a file compare of the whole thing. The cart is working as it should be - orders are coming through and payments are being processed normally.

Dont have many mods installed - dual pricing, image handler, printable price list. A few other small ones but nothing major. Not running any chat or live help software. Dont have any cron jobs set up. I'm sure I have nothing installed that schedules tasks.

I have blocked a few ip addresses from countries that I dont want - Ghana, Nigeria and the like but it would seem silly to block the ip of my own website.

I will be talking to my host (who have been good in previous discussions about problems) but not really sure what to make of this. Is it a problem? It is making my web stats way too high but things seem to be working ok - should I be more worried though?

Can you give me clues on what to look for or what to ask my host support.