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    Default custom form with csv export?

    I'd like to build a custom form on my website and have the capacity to download the resuls in CSV format, as well as email each submission to me.

    Is there an existing module that can do this? (like ChronoForms for Joomla).

    Thanks so much for any help!!!!!

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    Default Re: custom form with csv export?

    I'm not aware of there being a module available for this. Instead add a posting to the "
    Commercial Help Wanted " as it shouldn't be too much work for a customer mod to meet your requirements to be built.

    Tip: Outline each of the fields (data) you will require to be extracted and emailed to you.

    You will then need to setup a CRON job to allow the script to be run on a regular basis (and for the output to be emailed to you.

    Good luck with thank
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