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    Default Price increase decrease (+/-) option not working well

    please help, i noticed on product listings page of my site the price filters are not working well, e.g on this link below

    If you click on price, items do not get sorted out according to increasing or decreasing prices properly?


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    Default Re: Price increase decrease (+/-) option not working well

    They sort from low to high for me just fine???
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    Default Re: Price increase decrease (+/-) option not working well

    They don't sort for me properly.

    This may be a long shot but I had something similar occur on our store and if memory serves me it was been thrown out by expired specials. Are any of these products showing an inactive special or had previously had a special ?

    This was a while ago but I also have a memory of having to go into the database directly and amend a products sort price field.



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