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    Idea or Suggestion USPS Web Tools ???

    I tried to search for the USPS Web Tool Integration with Zen cart.
    But i was not able to find the things i wanted. May be i am not typing the correct keyword.

    Can any Please Help me out!!!! I dont have any knowledge of these Postal shipping services.

    If i need to install i will just go to
    ADMIN/MODULES->SHIPPING then simply click and install and provide the id(I am not yet registered to provide the id).

    But how i need to configure and then how i will be able to make the charges of the USPS apply for Shipping estimate cost?
    ( [I am thinking that USPS charges will be based on zone to zone shipping or on weight basis.]

    [For those if i make changes in the ADMIN/MODULES->ZONE RATE will they be applied to Zonal shiiping estimate. Then for weight if i change ADMIN/MODULES->TABLE RATE will they take effect.]

    Configuring meant the changes for Zone rate and Table Rate or something else.

    I will be very Thankful for your replies or comments.
    [FONT="Arial"]vedavyas govardhanam[/FONT]

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    Default Re: USPS Web Tools ???

    Searching the Tutorials/FAQ area for "usps" brings up this article, which answers your question:

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