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    Default Selecting more than one product to copy/link to new category

    I have zencart 1.3.8 and wondered if there was a way to select more than product at a time to copy in a new category. I know you can link an entire category but want to be able to pick 5 or 6 products.

    I am trying to copy in my jewelry category from rings, bracelets etc. a select number of items to copy/link under the manufacturer of those and don't want to do them 1 at a time. What a time waster!
    I want to create a salemaker by manufacturer essentially but there isn't that option either.

    I have read the forum but haven't found a solution.

    My website is

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    Default Re: Selecting more than one product to copy/link to new category

    You may want to try the Multiple Categories Link Manager.

    Go to Admin > Catalog > Categories/Products and pick one product you want to copy. Click the blue C button. Then (on the RHS) click the Multiple Categories Link Manager button. There are lots of instructions on the next page.
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