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    Default Huge Error File

    I am running ZenCart 1.3.7. It has run for several years and the Error Log has grown to about 86 MB. I would like to reset this file, but have not seen any information or controls to do this.
    Have looked thru the forum, searched on "error file", checked the FAQ's but if it is there I am missing it. I am sure it is simple - perhaps just delete it?? - but I figured I had better ask...

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Huge Error File

    1. Zen Cart 1.3.7 doesn't create an "error log" file. It's probably generated by your server configuration.

    2. If that file is growing, then you've got errors happening on your site, and you should sort them out.

    3. Your hosting company's server configuration will most likely recreate the file after you delete it, albeit starting at 0 bytes.

    Summary: deal with the ongoing errors and delete the file, or copy it to a backup someplace safe as part of your next regular frequent website backup routine. You do make regular backups of all your files and your database, right?

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