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    Default Call-In for Credit Card Processing Module....

    Okay, this may sound dumb, but I am setting up a shopping cart for a lady and she wants PayPal as a payment option (no problem there) and a call-in notification for people who want to pay by credit card... i.e. They choose to pay by credit card and a telephone number and instructions to call her come up as the conclusion to the order online. Then she would take their call and get the card info without them ever entering it online. This is how she wants to do it.

    Is there an easy way to do this so orders can be marked as pending until she goes in after they've called and such? We are using the most current version of ZenCart.

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    Default Re: Call-In for Credit Card Processing Module....

    I had a similar issue a few years ago and we "sort of" resolved it using a CLONE of the check/moneyorder module.

    We created a CLONE of check/moneyorder, and then re-worded the associated language defines to indicate that the option was "Call us with your Card Details" - and it also provided the telephone number to call.

    Whether the customer called that instant did not matter - becuase the module allowed progression to final checkout.

    The order confirmation email again used a re-worded define statement that read something like:

    "We have received your order. If you have not already done so, please telephone us with your credit card details at hand... " (etc).

    CLONING the check/moneyorder module is easy, and to see how it's done, go get my ACCOUNT HOLDERS module:

    ... which is ANOTHER clone of check/moneyorder...

    If you compare the ORIGINAL check/moneyorder files with those in Account Holders, you will see what was changed...
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    Default Re: Call-In for Credit Card Processing Module....

    Thank you so much, I am taking a look right now and I believe this will work wonderfully!



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