I am trying to create drop down attributes on a product.

On one particular product (mudflaps) I would like to create a number of attribute options: Flap Colour, Decal Colour, Red or Orange Inserts, and Decal or Plain.

E.g. Flap Colour would have the options of: Red, Black, White, Blue or Yellow.

And then I would like each 'attribute option' to have their own options but all of these are on one product.

I have the ZenCart E-Book but after following the step-by-step instructions I seemed to have not created anything...

All I seemed to have done is move from page to page?

I would like 'drop-down' attributes... Can some one tell me how to create this but could you explain in very lamens terms as the Zen Cart Book just doesn't appear to be in english to me lol

Thank you in advance and kind regards