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    Default 138 mods tested on 139

    Dont know if the Devs mind me posting this.. but then if they dont they can delete it or move it somewhere else as its not so much about 139 bugs or out.

    I have started testing Add-ons and although i have ONLY just installed and played... it might be helpful to some others out their that have no backbone (like me) when it comes to upgrading.

    ON a clean install of ZC139 the following mods seem to work just as well on 138a
    (in fact the sites seems a fair bit faster than a 138a.. but then that could just be excitement)

    Image Handler 2 - No problems as yet
    Zen Lightbox - No problems as yet
    Module Manager Revision 185 - No problems as yet
    JUst another Xsell Mod - No Problems as yet
    Category Dressing - No problem as yet ;clap;
    Display Inc/Ex Tax or VAT Prices - doesnt work properly (but then that could be me not installing it right?

    dont know about you lot but im at the gym at 6am and im funked... i will play more over the next few days and test the following

    Admin Profiles (kuroi)
    Ask a Question (SWGUY)
    Ez Pages Metatag Fields (Ebspromo)
    Simple Google ANALytics (EConcepts)
    Encrypted Master Password (Dennis Sayer)
    Login As Customer (Sid Smith)
    Edit Orders (Scott Turner)
    Invoice (SWGUY)
    Login Spruce Up (Tony Cradwick)
    Add customers from Admin (Crunch)

    Unless other already know the craic.. (god i have no life)

    tu'rar (geordie for goodbye)
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