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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Quote Originally Posted by countrycharm View Post
    Cannot answer this question here on this support forum as the rules of this forum prohibit the support or discussion of paid modules.
    My bad!

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    the easy populate group pricing mod is now in the downloads section. It worked in my environment under heavy use for a couple months. I hope that helps and fits your need.

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    sorry evryone... atm im going through this thread and redoing the list of mods according to whats been posted... i have also tested several more mods etc..

    will hopefully have the new list uploaded by wednesday night (GMT)

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    anyone tested column divider pro on 139d?

    does this work together with Single Listing Template?


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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Anybody know if Numinix Search works on 139d?

    Or Search Helper?

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    a long overdue update... sorry for the delay...

    NB this is just a guide. I know there will be mistakes. Please point these out to me and i will correct.

    please take this information lightly, when installing mods do the following

    1) look at the dcumentation and see which files are modified, which are overrides and which are new
    2) document your installing
    3) try on a clean test site first
    3.1) try on a mirrored test site of your live site to see if any mods conflicts (some do)
    4) back up your live site
    5) pray
    6) try on your live site
    7) celebrate if it works
    8) If it fails, pest the crap out of the author /support thread and complain furiously that even tho you followed every step to the letter that it is their fault your site is ducked and you didnt back up etc etc....

    (if you dont have a test site(s).. you're a muppet!)

    Not Working (Needs rewriting)
    Back Up My Site PHP Files (Feznizzle ) NOT PHP5.3 READY Also
    Desktop Data (tested by Steven300)
    Easy Populate (tested by me)
    enhanced_whos_online_1-0-4 (tested by Melanie)
    group_pricing_per_item_1-3-2 (tested by Melanie)
    Icons for Manufacturers (tested by me)
    purchase order module by knuckle (tested by me)
    Stock By Attributes (tested by me)
    Ultimate SEO URL (read a post by Vger) NOT PHP5.3 READY Also

    Working but needs cafeful winmerging - mod edits core files that have changed in 139 (varying degrees of difficulty)
    Admin Profiles (Tested by me – dead easy)
    Average Product Rating – ( Tested by Clyde Jones)
    Canada Post 1.3.8b with Letter Rate (tested by soxophoneplayer)
    Dual Pricing v1.6 (tested by aeibc – NB intensive winmerging)
    Fast and Easy Checkout (Tested by lankeeyankee, DivaVocals) NOT PHP 5.3 READY
    Google Checkout (tested by slomojojo, BlessIsaacola – NB pain in bum! Follow post NOT PHP 5.3 READY
    Hidden Wholesale 2.0 (tested by aeibc)
    Login Spruce Up (tested by Clyde Jones)
    newsletter_subscribe_2-1-1 (Tested by Melanie)
    Product Short Descriptions 1.1c (tested by soxophoneplayer)
    Short Description for Categories v1.2 (kcb410)
    Smart Backgrounds (Tested by me)
    Stock with Attributes v 4.9 with ajax (tested by soxophoneplayer)
    Super Orders 2.0 Rev 48a (Tested by Jtheed, aeibc, me)

    add_customers_from_admin_105 << Version in contribs untested as it was retro hacked for PHP 4X (Tested by Melanie)
    4.7MULTIADD version of Stock with Attributes (tested by jabula)
    Admin Notes Advanced (tested my me)
    admin_activity_report_1-3 (Tested by Melanie)
    Alternative Header (tested by me)
    Ask a question (tested by me)
    autoresponder + v2.3 (JimmyV)
    backup_mysql_plugin_v1-3 (Tested by Melanie)
    bettercategoriesezinfo_v1.3.5 (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    bookmark_sidebox_1 (tested by Delights)
    business_activity_report_1-5-0 (Tested by Melanie)
    Category Dressing (Tested by me)
    Checkout Amazon Style (Tested by Get Em Fast)
    CKeditor (Tested by Frank18) PHP5.3 READY
    Comodo Corner of Trust (Tested by Jtheed, me )
    Contact Sidebox (tested by aeibc )
    Contest System 1.6.3 (Tested by skipwater)
    cross_sell_1-3-1 (Tested by Clyde Jones) ) You need to scroll to the bottom of the page:Author: Granville:Version: 1.3.1 PHP5.3 READY
    cross_sell_advanced_1-0 (Tested by Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    css flyout (JimmyV)
    Direct Bank Deposit – (USA / Australia (tested by DivaVocals, Delights,Frank18)
    Display Inc/Ex Tax or VAT Prices (Tested by me and im not very good at these things lol)
    Download Fetch 1.1 (Tested by skipwater)
    easy populate 1.5.4 (tested by lankeeyankee)
    Edit Orders (Tested by me)
    Encrypted Master Password (Tested by me)
    ezpages_meta_tag_fields_1-0 (Tested by Melanie)
    FedEx 145 (Tested by Jtheed, Delights)
    Footer Menu (Tested by me) PHP5.3 READY
    Fual Slimbox (tested by aeibc)
    google base feeder 1.7.3 (tested by lankeeyankee)
    google_analytics_by_andrew_2-2-1 (Tested by Melanie, aeibc )
    Group Pricing v1.3.3 (JimmyV)
    how_did_you_hear_about_us_1-3-9 (tested by Delights)
    Image Manager v1.0 BETA3 (tested my me)
    Invoice (Tested by me)
    jqlightbox (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    keep cart (tested by lankeeyankee)
    links_manager ( Tested by Clyde Jones )
    MailChimp Newsletter Sidebox (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    Module Manager Revision 185 (Tested by me)
    monthly_sales_and_tax_summary_report_1-3 (Tested by Melanie, skipwater)
    Orders Exporter (tested by Frank18)
    oscommerce data importer v1.9 (Tested by skipwater)
    product_disclaimer ( Tested by Clyde Jones )
    Quantity Discounts (Tested by swguy)
    query cache (tested by lankeeyankee)
    Quick Updates (tested by Frank18)
    recover_cart_sales_300B (Tested by Melanie)
    report_cheaper_price_1-2 (tested by Delights)
    rss_feed_2-1-4 (Tested by Melanie, Clyde Jones)
    sales_report_rev104 (Tested by Melanie)
    sales_tax_summary_report_2-0 (Tested by Melanie)
    Save your sideboxes layout as the default (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    Search Log Version: 2.0 (CJPinder)
    Sidebox for list Manufacturers logos (tested by me, incorrect install instructions tho)
    Simple Google Analytics (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    sitemap xml (tested by lankeeyankee)
    Snap Shot 1.1 (Tested by skipwater)
    store_credits_and_rewards_points_module_3-05 (tested by Delights)
    SysCheck (swguy)
    tabbed_products_pro_v1-05 (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    telephone_not_required_on_signup_1-0 (Tested by Clyde Jones)
    ty package tracker (tested by lankeeyankee)
    USPS Autofill (Tested by JTheed )
    Western Union v1.0 (Tested By DivaVocals)
    Zen Lightbox (Tested by me, so youre probs best testing it yourself!)

    Kindly Redeveloped for zc139a

    AutoTweet (Jamie Taylor) PHP5.3 READY
    Beanstream – INTERAC (SWGUY & Zen Cart Team) PHP 5.3 Ready
    Better Together (Tested by author swguy) PHP5.3 READY
    Ceon URI Mapping 3.4.0 ( Conor) PHP5.3 READY
    Editor - TinyMCE Plugin (MASK) PHP 5.3 Unknown
    Fix Cache Key (DrByte) PHP 5.3 Ready
    Flo2Cash (NZ) Credit Card Payment Module (Willow Yang) PHP 5.3 Ready
    Gift Wrapping (swguy) PHP5.3 READY
    How Did You Hear About Us (Judy Gunderson) PHP5.3 Unknown
    HTMLArea Image Manager (IDEASGirl) PHP5.3 READY
    jscroller sidebox package (Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    links manager (Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    order steps tableless (Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    Restructured Add Product Page for Admin (ozetrade) PHP5.3 READY
    returns authorization (Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    Sidebox for list Manufacturers logos (by me helped by tony_sar)
    simple seo url (but reposts of it being buggy in its forum thread)
    Single Listing Template (tested by torvista ) (extreme winmerging involved, high skills needed) PHP5.3 READY
    testimonial manager (Clyde Jones) PHP5.3 READY
    time_zone_offset (gilby) PHP 5.3 ??
    Ultimate SEO URLs (MASK) PHP 5.3 Unknown
    Windows Live Messenger for Zen cart (Clive Vooght) PHP??

    New Add-on For 139
    Add Shipping Telephone (Jtheed) PHP 5.3 Ready
    Back In Stock Notifications (Conor)
    BackUp ZC Mod (skipwater)
    ceon_manual_card (Conor)
    CKEditor Plugin for Zen Cart (Various) PHP 5.3 Ready

    Conflicting reports of it working/not working
    Add Customers From Admin 1.07 (tested by lat9/me)
    Crafty Syntax
    Image Handle 2 Rev8b (see support thread)
    JACS (Just Another Cross Sell mod) , tested by various people)
    Product Attribute Grid 1.1.1 (by various people) On the whole this mod seems to work, but seems to break if you have certain ZC settings turned off and other turned on.

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Quote Originally Posted by fei2010 View Post
    does anyone know if the easy populate worked for zen cart 1.3.9d?
    I have been using this version because you are able to add custom fields dynamically which is awesome (as far as I know other versions havent encorpated this feature)

    I have tried to installed it on 1.3.9f - - custom fields arent working.... (php v5.3)

    This is a real bummer - easy populate is the main reason I will be using Zen cart for my next project. And for my uses - this was far the best version. I would be tempted to revert back to 1.3.8a just for this feature alone.

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139


    just posting to add that "Product filter Module for Zencart" is working under Zen v.1.3.9 / php5.3.

    appreciate the huge effort that went into making this thread!

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Easy Populate CSV is listed as not working

    I have it working without problem on three 1.3.9g test sites and one live site

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    Default Re: 138 mods tested on 139

    Hi, does anyone know if the Metatags Manufacturers contribution is working with 1.39?
    I have been trying to install it on 1.39g and I can't seem to get it working.


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