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    Default [Not a bug] php notice: $spider_flag, $robotsNoIndex undefined

    While upgrading I have been using error_reporting(-1) which has been useful in showing up quite a few errors on my part which would otherwise gone unnoticed.

    There are also lots of notices of evidently minor importance but as always I am interested to know more.

    For example:

    [05-May-2010 21:22:58] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: robotsNoIndex in ..\includes\templates\template_default\common\html_header.php on line 31
    But $robotsNoIndex IS defined in init_add_crumbs.php

    This debug error is generated by a refresh of the front page, stock 139b.


    ps. $spider_flag comes up with the same error on my front page but I posted before changing the title.
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    Default Re: php error notice: $spider_flag, $robotsNoIndex undefined

    Is it that is being used before it has been defined?

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    Default Re: php error notice: $spider_flag, $robotsNoIndex undefined

    That's a trivial matter that's got no negative side-effects.
    It is fixed in v2.0 by virtue of reconstruction.

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