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    Default Maestro cards still exists??

    The new 1.3.9 upgrade is welcome.Cheers zen cart team.

    After all the fuss people made over 3d secure made i got my new card from NatWest bank today and noticed they have dropped maestro and moved to visa debit.
    They are not the only bank to do so.

    Anyone still have a maestro card?

    is the amount of work involved in changing from 1.3.8 to 1.3.9 really worth the opportunity to process maestro cards or it there much more the the upgrade? My store kind of works how i want it at the moment.

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    Default Re: Maestro cards still exists??

    Maestro cards are being phased out as the UK Debit Card brand. However, Maestro cards are still being used throughout Europe, so it depends on where your customer based is located. I'm not sure what other payment options you offer, but I believe PayPal are currently still accepting Maestro cards, so if you offer PayPal, you can still receive payments.

    Also, with the 1.3.9 upgrade, there are a number of updates included in the update - not simply a Maestro inclusion update - you can checkout the change logs, or the post in the Upgrade forum from DrByte.

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