What's New In v1.3.9d:
Download available here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zencart/files/

Updates include:
  • BUGSFORUM-1271 - No numeric check for quantity update on shopping_cart page
  • BUGSFORUM-1276 - Contact us message not persisting when errors occur
  • Various sanitization updates to addresses new false positive pci scan reports
  • Addressed problems with duplicate orders caused when using PayPal IPN module
  • BUGSFORUM-1278 - Zone restrictions problem with PayPal Express Checkout
  • Fix error: 10408 Express Checkout token is missing (when store name contains & symbol)
  • BUGSFORUM-1013 - ALT text in template override paypalwpp.php
  • Fix bug where add by Product ID does not show on large sites with no Featured or Specials added yet
  • Added housekeeping step to remove old paypal sessions records when IPN is processed for WPS transactions
  • Added more SSL detection cases
  • BUGSFORUM-378 - shipping calculation fixes
  • BUGSFORUM-1303 fix backslash problem when using admin back button from preview in 1.3.9b/c
  • BUGSFORUM-1246 - extra apostrophe in developers_tool_kit.php
  • Update order.php so that "free shipping" doesn't show as "f" as the shipping method when viewing orders in the admin
  • Fix Free Charge Card on $0.00 orders to show on confirmation

If you're upgrading from v1.3.9a or b or c, you can simply update the files listed in the various "Changelog for v1.3.9b" or "c" in the /docs/ folder of the download zip.

If you're upgrading from v1.3.8a or older versions, you need to follow the FULL upgrade instructions, also in your /docs/ folder


Many people have asked about the "missing ?> at the end of some PHP files".
This is INTENTIONAL, and explained here: https://www.zen-cart.com/tutorials/i...hp?article=313
It is NOT an error in the files or the download.