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    Default Weird URL:s after adding products to cart.

    Whenever I try adding a product to the cart, the folling url [index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=13&number_of_uploads=0&action=add_p roduct] is being triggered by the add to cart button (provided of course I try adding product id 13).

    So rather than transfering me to the shopping cart upon pressing the add to cart button, I get a blank screen. The products are being added to the shopping cart since they show up in my sidebox.

    When I'm trying yo remove a product from the cart i get "index.php?main_page=shopping_cart&action=remove_product&product_id=13:ec90b46dd c60cec697f314e2efc8d2f5" and a blank screen, but the product is actaully getting removed.

    Any idea what could have gone wrong here?

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    Default Re: Weird URL:s after adding products to cart.

    Search the tutorials for "blank screen"
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