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    Default Zone restrictions problem with PayPal Express Checkout v1.3.9d

    I'm receiving reports of similar (same) problem using Zen Cart 1.3.9d, although I've been unable to reproduce the error myself. I started receiving reports of this behavior following the upgrade to 1.3.9d (about a month ago).

    What I have been able to document is the following (related?) unexpected behavior: when a user decides to back out at the PayPal screen (returning to the store) and then decides to checkout with PayPal anyway, she is presented with the following error message: "We are sorry for the inconvenience; however, at the present time we are unable to use PayPal to process orders from the geographic region you selected as your PayPal address. Please continue using normal checkout and select from the available payment methods to complete your order."

    Steps to reproduce this behavior


    • PayPal Express Checkout is only payment method configured in Zen Cart
    • Payments are limited to a custom zone (created using the Zen Cart zone admin tool)
    • Require confirmed address (no)
    • Select Cheapest Shipping Automatically (yes)
    • Skip Payment Page (yes)
    • Automatic Account Creation (yes)
    • Payment Action (Auth Only)
    • IPN is ON in PayPal account (required, but thought I'd be explicit about it since it seems to have been an issue for others in the past)
    • User has at least one item in cart

    1. Click to view shopping cart
    2. Click to check out with PayPal Express Checkout (ipn_main_handler.php?type=ec)
    3. (on paypal page) Click [name of company] to return to store (using back button may also trigger this issue)
    4. Click to view shopping cart (again)
    5. Click to check out with PayPal Express Checkout (ipn_main_handler.php?type=ec) (again)

    Expected outcome: user is on presented with payment options.

    Actual outcome: user sees error message described above.

    Workarounds: I've been unable to find any workarounds for this except having the user click on the shopping cart a third time and trying yet again (which does seem to work). It's possible that this error appears every-other time the user tries.

    I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling (disabling / enabling) the PayPal Express Checkout module a few times with no luck.

    And FWIW, I've enabled logging but don't fully understand what I'm seeing in the logs (don't fully understand the PPEC process in general) so I'm happy to provide any information found in the logs if that's helpful.

    And finally...

    I've been doing web application development for some years and would be more than happy to supply any information you need to to get this resolved. This is happening on a customized (and upgraded from 1.3.8) version of Zen Cart located in Spain with all transactions limited to Spain and payment in Euros. One or two add-ons were installed but were either removed or simply aren't being used and in all cases were only in the Admin piece.

    If you have a moment and would like to try this out for yourself, the store is located at

    Thanks in advance to all who lend a hand getting this resolved (and helping me confirm that the existing installation does indeed work) and in particular to Jill of for helping me gain access to the forums!


    Ted Stresen-Reuter

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    Default Re: Zone restrictions problem with PayPal Express Checkout v1.3.9d

    Thanks for the detailed report.

    1. I can't replicate the problem on any 1.3.9d sites I have.
    2. I can't replicate the problem on *your* site, because it appears you've turned off PayPal Express Checkout ... or you've supplied an invalid URL.
    3. It's difficult to tell whether the problem is related to one of your customizations, including all the minified javascript content and whatever is stripping out line-breaks from the HTML generated by your site.
    4. Without a copy of the logs, and without being able to recreate the problem on demand, there's not much that can be done to "fix" the symptoms you describe.

    Without more very specific details, there's nothing to "fix".

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