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    Default Problem with product images

    I an new to this. I have been using ZenCart for months building my site. It is still just on my machine, which is running Vista. I am almost done with inputting my thousand products (scrapbook stickers) so I can migrate to HostMonster and suddenly the images aren't showing up on the preview page in Admin OR on the site. The jpg name is there, but the image doesn't show. The images are in the right place ( images etc) and if I go into the product entry page and browse for them, they show up and stay. I just don't want to have to do that 1000 more times. Any ideas why they are no longer linked when they worked fine last time? I am running the version (I am working from KH's book and don't dare to upgrade yet :) I have checked the book and the wikis and the forum but too much comes up if you search for "images" and I don't know how to be more specific. I haven't changed anything on my system other than my husband turned on Windows Live Messenger (how do you turn that frickin thing off?) and I think I had an error message about ClientZilla? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Problem with product images

    are you saying that your images for the products are trying to load from a different folder, and when you alter the product you re-apply the folder name, as you mentioned it has the filename

    they could of come unlinked if you have changed and foldernames in your images folder

    to reapply a 1000 product to the correct folder location (assuming this is the problem) shouldn't be too much trouble, as a SQL query on your database could alow mass change in one command




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