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    Default restricted coupon not removed when allowable product removed

    I have looked all over this section and didn't see my problem mentioned. I have 1.3.7 and several add ons but nothing in the coupon/cart area except COWOA, but this error occurs when I log in to my own customer account.

    I have some restricted category coupons. If you add one of the allowable products to my cart, start checking out, enter the coupon code, you get the discount/free shipping. THEN if you return to your cart, remove the item and proceed again thru checkout- the discount code remains even when there is nothing in the cart for that code restriction.

    I looked at the 1.3.8 list to see if maybe it was a bug fixed there and I didn't see any wording as such.

    Does anyone has any ideas?


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    Default Re: restricted coupon not removed when allowable product removed

    Did you actually click 'Continue Checkout' after entering the coupon code ?

    When I duplicate that action in my test cart, I get a red error box that says: 'This coupon code is not valid for any product currently in your cart.'

    If you aren't seeing that error, I'd suspect the COWOA mod.



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