I have the last version of zen cart - to my knowledge - there is an upgrade button on the top of my admin profile but I have not done that yet because I am having a nightmare of a time understanding this all. I mean, I'm pretty smart and Zen Cart says its so user friendly and I am finding that it is absolutely awful, please help!

First, is there a way to just create "add to cart" buttons that I can put on MY website, not having a while zen cart store. I really do not want a zen cart store. I want my products on my website with my template and then just have the buttons. For example, paypal lets you create these types of buttons, you plug in the product info and they generate the HTML for you and then you insert it into the website. This is basically what I am looking for. I want to be able to offer my customer discount codes which is the only reason I am even using a third party shopping cart. Is this possible? If so, I really need a step by step on what to do, how to do, what to dowload, how to upload, ect.

If not, I would like to upload my own logo in place of the zen cart banner. I found the "instructions" on the zen cart support but they make no sense to me. I cannot find the files they are talking about. I have uploaded my logo to the admin banner section on zen cart, and I "turned off" the other banners and turned mine on but it still is showing the zen cart banner. I have turned off the language, search, more information, currencies, and whos online side pannels and those are still showing too. I dont know what I am doing wrong, but I am beyond frustrated at this point. If I cannot have the buttons for my own website and I have to direct people to this external page, all I want is my products listed and my logo at the top. Preferably in my own colors as well, but I'll sacrifice what I can for now. I just need to get this up and running like days ago.

I am not interested in hiring a web developer or anything like that. I just would like some basic instructions on how to do the things I want to do. Someone please help!! :-(