First of all here is the site I’m working on:


OK, the first thing is I set up the product, gave it a price of 5.99 proceeded to setup the option name /option values etc. The result is the drop down list including prices.

The problem is that when I add any product to the cart it reflects the option price plus the price I instated when I set the product up, e.g. 5.99 plus 5.99 from the option drop down.

I found a way around this for the first of the print options namely the 6x6 by simply keeping the option price to 0.00 and editing the option value to say 6x6 Print only (5.99) this works fine and when adding it to the cart only show the one price.

However take any of the other options from the drop down for example the 8x6 @ 6.99 when added to the cart it adds the base price of 5.99.

I know that in order to get around this all I have to do for each print option is to assign it a price through the price options less the start price e.g. 8x6 = 6.99 – 5.99 is simply + 1.00 and so on.

What I’d like to know is, if there is any way I can have a base price, add all my option pricing and not have it add to the two figures together?