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    Default Why "Best Sellers" linked to "Specials" (sales module?)?


    I have "New Arrivals"; "Best Sellers"; "All Products" and "Sales" in my top navigator bar.

    I've created the "Best Seller" EZ-page a while ago - and it is somehow linked to the "Specials" module (the "Sales" page is also linked the to "Specials" module.

    This means that when i go admin ->catalogue -> "specials" module and say add an item.. it will appear in both "Best Sellers" page and "Sales" page - which is not ideal...(i don't know what I did but now my "best sellers" page shows a "404 page not found error" (

    it's the same story for "New Arrivals" and "All Products" (not sure which module this is though).. (no 404 page error message though).

    Does anyone know:
    (i) why that might be the case; and
    (ii) how I can solve it? (how can I create separate modules to cater to each of the different pages..?)

    Am currently using zencart version 1.3.8a and website is

    Will be grateful for any help and comments please..

    many thanks!

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    Default Re: Why "Best Sellers" linked to "Specials" (sales module?)?

    Your Best Sellers is trying to go to a page that is not found ... are you sure you have a valid URL?

    Several of your links are opening New Windows ... you don't really want to do that unless going off your site ...
    Linda McGrath
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