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    Default Editing the "tpl_product_info_display.php" to change the "call for Price" message

    Hello, I am not an expert on PHP, but I need to edit this part of the code, so when I have the option of "Call for Price" the user reads "In Store Only" in the product info page.

    Any Ideas?

    <!--bof Add to Cart Box -->
    // do nothing
    } else {
    $display_qty = (($flag_show_product_info_in_cart_qty == 1 and $_SESSION['cart']->in_cart($_GET['products_id'])) ? '<p>' . PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_TEXT_IN_CART . $_SESSION['cart']->get_quantity($_GET['products_id']) . '</p>' : '');
    if ($products_qty_box_status == 0 or $products_quantity_order_max== 1) {
    // hide the quantity box and default to 1
    $the_button = '<input type="hidden" name="cart_quantity" value="1" />' . zen_draw_hidden_field('products_id', (int)$_GET['products_id']) . zen_image_submit(BUTTON_IMAGE_IN_CART, BUTTON_IN_CART_ALT);
    } else {
    // show the quantity box
    $the_button = PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_TEXT . '<input type="text" name="cart_quantity" value="' . (zen_get_buy_now_qty($_GET['products_id'])) . '" maxlength="6" size="4" /><br />' . zen_get_products_quantity_min_units_display((int)$_GET['products_id']) . '<br />' . zen_draw_hidden_field('products_id', (int)$_GET['products_id']) . zen_image_submit(BUTTON_IMAGE_IN_CART, BUTTON_IN_CART_ALT);
    $display_button = zen_get_buy_now_button($_GET['products_id'], $the_button);
    <?php if ($display_qty != '' or $display_button != '') { ?>
    <div id="cartAdd">
    echo $display_qty;
    echo $display_button;
    <?php } // display qty and button ?>
    <?php } // CUSTOMERS_APPROVAL == 3 ?>
    <!--eof Add to Cart Box-->

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    Default Re: Editing the "tpl_product_info_display.php" to change the "call for Price" message

    Do you want to change functionality (other than available admin settings)? Or do you just want to change the text that is output in the "call for price" situation?

    All output text is defined in language files; you can find the file to change by using admin > Tools > Developers Toolkit. Paste the text you want to change in the lower left box, select all files and search. Among the results will be the file and line number where this is defined. You can then open that file in a file/text editor like Notepad++ and change it as desired.

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    Default Re: Editing the "tpl_product_info_display.php" to change the "call for Price" message

    I only want to change the text...Ill look in to seems to be easy enough....

    Let you know how it works out..




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