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    Default after submit get 406 error - transfirst addon

    hello there,
    I have installed ZenCat v1.3.9f with the payment transfirst addon v1.3.8 on a apache web server using Centos v5.5..

    I added a test product and added transfirst's information and when I try to do a test purchase I get an error page on firefox which redirects to

    I have tried with different credit cards and the transactions are being reported from the transfirst which is good because they show as declined.. but the issue is getting back from transfirst website..

    I read a few posts and it says something about not using a windows server due to ASP or to remove the * from line 72 etc..etc.

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    Default Re: after submit get 406 error

    The problem is that the addon you're using is not built for v1.3.9, and the added hacker-protection is kicking in and stopping it because of the very long error message being added to the URL.

    Plus, you've evidently got an account configuration problem to sort out with your gateway company: "No such issuer".

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    Default Re: after submit get 406 error

    the "No such issuer" is because of a dummy credit card nothing to do with the credit card company..

    now talking about a solution do you recommend anything?



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