I'd like to be able to accept payment from customers in as many ways as possible. Here in the Philippines XOOM is a popular method of sending money to individuals. It's basically like Western Union only has a cheaper transaction fee. I'm rather surprised that no one has developed a XOOM payment module already, but perhaps there is one somewhere?

Another popular method of paying for online purchases, among other things, is Globe Telecom's GCash. Basically, it works like this:

(Background info) Everyone in the Philippines has a cell phone, mostly used for SMS texting. You can even text the local fast food joint and have an order delivered.

Globe has set up a system where you can send money to anyone with a Globe SIM using your cell phone as long as you've already signed up for a GCash account and have enough money in it. Or, you can go to a Globe store in person and send money by filling out ("accomplishing" as they say here) a form and paying the clerk. The recipient gets a text message saying you've paid them x number of pesos, and he can either apply it to his own load balance, leave it in his GCash account to make purchases with, or withdraw his money from one of several locations such as Globe stores, banks and pawn shops. It's somewhat like PayPal only it uses Globe cell phone numbers instead of email addresses as user identifiers, and transaction fees are paid by the payer not the receiver. I doubt if there's a Zen Cart payment module for this but perhaps someone actually wrote one?

Failing finding a payment module for these two systems, how would I add a "pseudo-payment module" that adds XOOM and GCash to the dropdown list of available payment methods which when selected takes people to a page or (better) opens a pop-up window containing text that explains what customers need to do in order to pay with these methods?

It would have to work with Zen Cart 1.3.9 by the way, as I'm using the latest version (fresh install).