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    Default Admin menu problem

    Hi guys,

    I've writen a first module for the Admin part to get some reports.
    BUT, I've set the entry menu into the file into the folder admin/includes/boxes/extra_boxes/myContrib_dhtml.php
    and define into BOX_TOOLS_MYCONTRIB
    So the entry came into the TOOLS of the admin.
    Now, I'd like to have it into the REPORTS menu entry.
    If I change the BOX_TOOLS to BOX_REPORTS, the entry do not change.

    Is there some query to set to remove my dynamice entry, or update it ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Admin menu problem

    Download the MySQL Database Backup addon, and look at the filenames in the extra_boxes folder, and their contents.
    Then download the Admin Activity Report addon, and look at the filenames in the extra_boxes folder (note the way the file is named), and the file contents.

    You'll see the pattern, which you then need to follow for yourself. It has nothing to do with the BOX_TOOLS define. It's all driven by the correct content in the correctly-named files.

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    Default Re: Admin menu problem

    Great that's what exactly I was looking for.
    Just need to rename the file with the REPORTS

    Thanks for all.



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