Iknow this is in the wrong place but I could not find the correct thread? Maby admin can move it for me? PLZ

Has anyone ever seen these boxes with pictures of the product on other sites? as you move over the pics they move and others scrole up. Usualy right and lift... like a real running.

No I dont know alot about Iframe coding but I thought maby we can code something like that?

Maby it can collect all the images in a defined folder (you give the folder name, maby name it the same as the product) then it puts them end-on-end and scroles it like a weel.....

Cant be to hard? can it?

Wish I knew enough about iFrame cading to try it... lol a know a bit of java and a bit of VB but thats all... but it looks like Iframe is also object orientated?

So any one with ideas or the know how?