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    Default eCheck - can I update order with a php script?


    I have a version and I know that there is a newer verison that could fix my eCheck problem, but I can't upgrade right now. Also, I do not want to update the orders manually, because is a lot of "busy" work.

    I use Paypal IPN ONLY.

    I would like to know which file has the method that I need to call to update the order download files.

    My plan is to create a crown job that will check which eChecks cleared the day before and update those orders using my php script.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: eCheck - can I update order with a php script?

    It's not that simple.

    There are a LOT of changes, including updates to handle updates in how PayPal sends responses back, that are included in the newer versions. As far as echeck handling is concerned, there's no simple one-line fix, and there's no simple one-file change.

    In your situation, if the echeck update is failing, then it's equally possible that the data denoting that the echeck has cleared is likely also inconsistent and unreliable. As such a cron job wouldn't be advisable. You'd instead need to write a program to login to your PayPal account, ask for updates to every order, loop thru those updates, compare them against all your store's existing orders, check for changes, apply those changes, send notifications, etc.
    If you're gonna spend the time to write all that and test it and debug it, you'll be down longer than it will take to just upgrade your site. So, spending the time on upgrading is far better use of time since you'll also benefit from hundreds of bugfixes and improvements AND plug a large number of security holes, some very serious, that exist in your current version.

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    Default Re: eCheck - can I update order with a php script?

    I think I found the solution that I needed on this thread:

    I might not need the script any more!!

    Hopefully it will work, I need to wait for a new eCheck order to come in.




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