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    Default Contributions - How To Add & Update

    Community supplied modules and add-on can often give you a feature not included in the core code because it is highly specialized or needs some testing before inclusion. The Zen Cart Team and its users appreciate your efforts!

    If you have a new contribution to add, go to the Plugins tab at
    On that page is a big orange "+ Add New Plugin" link. Click it. Fill out the required information and submit your add-on.
    A team member will review the submission for compliance and once approved the contribution can then be downloaded and used by the community.

    If you have updated or modified your contribution in some way, find your contribution in the Plugins section and click the Add A New Version link directly under the download button. Supply the information requested, and select the file to upload from your computer. The submission will be queued for review.

    If you have any questions about a particular module, contribution, or add-on, post the question along with any comments in the appropriate thread in the forums.

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    Please do not PM for support issues: a private solution doesn't benefit the community.

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