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    Default random mysql not connected errors

    I have zen cart version 1.3.8 and have installed lots of add-ons, but my problem isn't related to the add-ons. My web site is on a viaverio FreeBSD MPS and my database is on a FreeBSD VPS Pro. My web site is .

    I am regularly but randomly getting a database not connected error. These errors began just after I moved my database off the MPS and onto its own server.

    I've researched this extensively... read all of the troubleshooting guides on the mysql web site and checked the mysql error log. These errors occur when mysql is up and seems to be accepting connections.

    Has anyone encountered this before? Do you have any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

    Mary Shaw
    Web developer & Co-owner of Design House Digital
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    Default Re: random mysql not connected errors

    Quote Originally Posted by marybeshaw View Post
    I have zen cart version 1.3.8
    Upgrade to 1.3.9x. This is a known issue and the upgrade has code improvements to help mitigate the problem.




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