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    Default Paypal error codes #1


    I have checked the forums and cannot see this error for the life of me.

    An Error has Occurred (1 <!-- User authentication failed -->)

    Im not sure if the user authentication is the authentication between the shop setup and paypal OR if its the users card is failing.

    The shop has been working fine for while and all of a sudden there seems to be issues with the payments going through.

    I suspect the issue is paypal authenticating the site admin details but cannot find a definitive list of error codes

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    Default Re: Paypal error codes #1

    cannot find a definitive list of error codes
    The first link that Google showed.

    However, most error codes begin with a 1 or an 8, so you'll need to contact Pay Pal and get them to look at their error logs, in order to give a definitive result.


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    Default Re: Paypal error codes #1

    Do you see the same error when YOU do your own test transaction? ie: can YOU buy something from your own store successfully?

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    Default Re: Paypal error codes #1

    Thanks the error codes link is a great help. The client is contacting paypal now and lets see what they say

    thanks for the advise guys



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