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    Default Re: Shopping cart not working

    Quote Originally Posted by dkerfoot View Post
    Arrrggghhh! Me too. I went through the entire upgrade process from 1.3.9g to 1.3.9h.

    g was working perfectly but I am now plagued by this error

    Loading the 1.3.9g versions of the "changed in 1.3.9h" files has it working again. I actually just loaded the non-admin files for now.

    One interesting thing I noticed before reloading the old files - when I got the error, if I clicked on the product in the shopping cart and went to that page, then clicked on checkout, it would let me do it without throwing the error a 2nd time.

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    Idea or Suggestion Re: Shopping cart not working

    I too am having trouble with this... I accidentally corrupted my 1.3.9h cart so I deleted the folder and database completely and installed 1.5.1 fresh, I have been adding in my inventory anew and tried to process a sale using payal; I can get all the way to the end when it is finalizing the sale and then I receive:

    Whoops! Sorry, but you are not allowed to perform the action requested.
    You are still logged in to your account and may continue shopping. Please choose a destination from a menu.

    Looking at this thread and others it only refers to problems with people who had upgraded. I am at a loss as to what is going on.

    I have confirmed that my API information was added correctly etc!!

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Shopping cart not working

    Actually the thread also talks about using mods with outdated files in newer versions. Are you sure your mods will work with 1.5.1? There are a lot of changes from 1.3.9 to 1.5.x


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