Hi Everyone!

I am having an issues with the product_description table.
I am missing about 500 products from the product_description table.

These items are in the products table but when i look for the same product_id in the products description table the entries are not there :S

As a fix I thought about a mySQL statement that would first compare the products and products_description tables and see exactly which 500 products are missing., then for those products_id create new entries in the products_description table using a custom field called "title" that i have in the products table for the name and leave all other fields blank.

This would at least make the items show up in the admin and the catalog.

Im having some trouble writing this statement especially since two entries have to be added per product_id since i have 2 languages. The two entries would be identical except the language_id would be 1 or 2.

Any help on the matter would be immensely appreciated!!!

Thank you fellow Zenners!