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    Default Admin log in page is blank

    Hi Guys,
    Hopefully you can help me here
    I installed ZC onto my live server to work on it and have a mess about before making it actually live etc.

    It seemed to work well until today when I tried to log into the admin page - the text boxes did not appear.
    It was simply a blank white page and IE status said "done"

    I could look onto the shop etc so I thought I must have done something wrong except it seemed to be working fine last night.

    Anyway, I decided to rip the plaster off and start again with a fresh install
    Now I see the fresh Zencart shop, but the admin log in is still blank.
    Anyone heard of this?

    ZC version 1.3.9h
    No add ons etc
    have a look at
    I have completed and double checked all the admin settings with ref to writables etc

    Please help!!!!


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    Default Re: Admin log in page is blank

    Zen-Venom Get Bitten

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    Default Re: Admin log in page is blank

    Ok I read through the advice from Kobra, and still got nowhere - I'm fairly new to ZC, but find it excellent and should prove useful for my little world in Cyberland.
    I decided to remove and re install and it still didn't work.
    So I removed again, deleted the database, and reinstalled....
    Voila !! it works.
    I still dont know what caused the original problem, but I 'm fairly sure it would be something I did.

    Anyhoo back to the start and more caare when making changes :)



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