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    Default FedEx SmartPost

    Hi there! We are using FedEx SmartPost as one of our shipping options. It's some sort of shipping agreement between FedEx and the US Postal Service.

    I never found an add-on on the ZenCart site/list for SmartPost, but did find one made by a group/company called Numinix. It seemed to work for a while, but now it's broken.

    Does anyone have any experience with SmartPost and/or does anyone know of another module for this shipping method? It doesn't seem to be supported by other fed ex modules.


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    Default Re: FedEx SmartPost

    Did you try contacting Numinix. I found the guy to be quite helpful.
    He has a web site at

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    Default Re: FedEx SmartPost

    I just got this finished up today.

    Downloaded the Smart post mod from Numinix and installed it. Then had to wait a few days for FedEx to sort out Smart Post on our account. Then to finish it off I had to go to and get the key, pass and meter #.

    It works on our site (1.3.8a) yet charges the customer our cost?! Where's the list rate?

    Is this how it is supposed to be set up? I highly doubt it.

    So it's all done but will stay parked on our development site until the list rate can show up.

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    Default Re: FedEx SmartPost

    We are running the current version of the Fedex Smartpost, but we are getting incorrect quotes if there is heavy items . It is quoting correctly with lighter, one box, orders, but killing us on larger multiple boxes. We have the box max weight set in the admin/shipping settings to 70 per box. I changed it to 300 to see if it was a multiple box problem, but it did not change the bad quote. Anyone else have this happening?

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