Hello Folks:

I have successfully used the PayPal sandbox with my test e-store with the Zencart PayPal Express payment module. But, as I take credit cards as my site, I would prefer not to use the Express module, due to the prominent (and contractually required) placement of the PayPal checkout buttons. The PayPal Standard module is better in this regard.

Is it possible to use the sandbox for test transactions when using the Zencart PayPal Standard IPN payment module?

I have set all the payment module fields according to the sandbox business account settings (and setup it accordingly.) But when I enter the sandbox personal PayPal account e-mail address and password at the PayPal payment/login site, it does not work. I suspect because the Zencart PayPal Standard Payment does not have a debug setting like Express, to direct to the sandbox PayPal site.

Is this correct? Must one use real transactions to test the PayPal Standard payment module?


Dan Pronovost