Hello Folks:

I am well into the process of switching away from eSellerate to zencart (and a merchant gateway account.) Thank you to all the Zencart folks for their work and efforts to date (and, I've provided Zencart as the reference for the setup of my merchant account with Beanstream.)

I have a questions others must have run into...

So far, since my new store is not live, I've been able to develop and test it freely, using test merchant accounts and the appropriate settings in the payment modules. But once I go live, I would live to be able to sandbox any further changes, test them, them push them to the live environment. Although this applies to test purchases in particular, it also applies to any changes to the store I may want to do down the road.

Has anyone come up with a nice generic solution to this that I am missing? The most important thing I would want to 'sandbox' would be test purchases with my test account at Beanstream when I add a new product. Of course, in a live environment, if I temporarily switch the payment module to test mode, then actual purchases will fail (or worse... go through without an actual payment!)

Apologies in advance if this has been covered somewhere. I've not found it yet in the Zencart e-book and searching this forum.


Dan Pronovost