Hello Folks:

I am struggling with a minor customization to my Zencart implementation, that I was hoping someone might have an answer to.

I have customized classes/order.php to be able to do some custom order processing for each sold product (there are comments in the 1.39h version showing easily where to add such custom code.)

All is working very well, but now I would like to add one more thing. I would like to be able to reference a browser cookie in this custom code location and use it. This is a browser cookie set for my domain, the same domain the store is hosted on.

I am trying to reference it as follows: $_COOKIE["DeepNetRefID"]

The problem is that $_COOKIE is actually not set at all (sending along print_r( $_COOKIE ) generates nothing), at this point in the code. Hunting through the code for $_COOKIE references, it might be that the browser cookies are explicitly unset in includes/init_includes/init_sanitize.php. I tried commenting out the cookie clearing code here, but that did not help.

I also tried grabbing the cookie in includes/application_top.php, saving it in a global, and referencing it in must order.php custom code... no luck.

Any ideas, or reason why the $_COOKIE global has been nuked at this point in the code?

Thanks in advance,

Dan Pronovost
[email protected]