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    Hi All,

    Is there a better site to download jquery Add-on for zen cart. i searched on zen cart add-ons, but i couldn't find a better plugin for jquery.


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    What do you mean by "better"
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    what i meant was, i need a site that has downloadable plugins for jquery Add-on for zen cart ? pls help me on this ...

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    The question is far too vague. there are thousands (possibly even an infinite) number of things that jQuery could be used for on a Zen cart site. Without knowing what specifically you're trying to do, it's not clear how to advise you.

    Unless .. you're simply asking asking how to load jQuery so that you can write your own jQuery modules, in which case the answer would be to add a script tag to your template's html-header.php file point to Google's AJAX API location for jQuery, which doesn't warrant an add-on of its own.
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