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    Default [Done 2.0] "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' when configured throws Error 500

    Zen Cart: v1.3.9f-h
    Using Heart Internet, everything green during server check during installtion.

    Configuring Contacts form email recipients via Admin >> Configuration >> "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' caused various errors depending what mail transport is being used.

    replicated on v1.3.9f-h, first discovered after making changed to cart, then replicated with clean installations.

    After providing one or more email addresses for the Contacts Drop down box, and using Sendmail, I got Error 500 upon submitting the form. I tried using SMTP & SMTPAUTH options, this resulted in a server message saying: Email Error: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host

    The relevant server log whilst using Sendmail & the Sendmail-f option said:

    **Malformed header from script. Bad header="enquiries@labels-signs-tags.c: index.php, referer:**

    Using the default PHP Option I get a slightly diffferent server error:
    **Malformed header from script. Bad header=No recipient addresses found i: index.php, referer:**

    As soon as I removed the email address' from the "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' and saved it blank, PHP & Sendmail & SMTP all worked again.
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    Default Re: "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' when configured throws Error 500

    Did you enter the email addresses as follows:

    Name 1 <email@address1>, Name 2 <email@address2>

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    Default Re: "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' when configured throws Error 500

    astraios, you're the first person to report those symptoms, and the code driving that hasn't changed significantly in several years.
    Thus, it would suggest that it's pointing to a configuration issue with your hosting company's server ... namely overly aggressive mod_security, or similar, rules imposed by the server administrator.

    Somewhat-related article:

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    Default Re: "Contact Us" Email Dropdown List' when configured throws Error 500

    You must have both elements in Name 1 <email@address1>, Name 2 <email@address2> and it MAY be necessary to have no spaces...

    So, something like

    The JSWeb Team
    PCI Compliant Host Provider (UK/IRELAND) - ZenCart Specialists



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