Hello everyone,

I'm very new to Zencart, but have spent the past few days researching it and starting to piece together a website. I recently upgraded to a business paypal account, and was hoping to add the paypal express checkout module to my website.

I was wondering if anyone had a website that currently has this installed that I could visit and "try"? I'd most likely just click thru the process to get a feel of just how quick it is compared to the standard method. Who knows, if I like the product maybe I'd even buy something!

Secondly, what is the quickest method available with Zencart for a customer to "get in and get out" with a purchase. I recently tested the standard method and it took me what felt like waaay too long to purchase something. Having to enter in all the information, birthdate etc seems like overkill. My current site just has a paypal button, they click on it, select quantity, and it brings them to paypal where they login, pay and finish. It feels like Zencart has added 5 extra steps to that process! I get that some customers would like to make an account and return... but most of mine are going to be 1 time buyers.

Would appreciate any links to sites I can visit, or any advise.

Thanks so much!