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    Default GZip compression

    Where do I find GZip compression in Zen Cart?

    I wish I could

    o What version of Zen Cart? v1.3.9h
    o Is it a new install or an upgrade? New installed on my server Just Host. I am editing it there.
    o What the addons/contributions you have installed? Non
    o What customizations have you made? Created custom Template. Moved text and boxes form home page. Setting up categories etc
    o What type of server are you using? Unix-based servers on
    o Are you installing locally? Itís already installed on my host. I am editing it there.
     What operating system? Windows 7
     What version of PHP is installed on the server? PHP 5.2.16

    o What version of MYSQL is installed on the server? MySQL server version 5.0.91
    o What you were doing when your problem occurred? Editing my home page
    o What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
    o Have you attempted to fix the problem? Reading FAQ and trying instructions found there.

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    Default Re: GZip compression

    Admin->Configuration->GZip Compression

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