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    Default Better Way to do Downloads?


    This is my first experience with setting up a pdf downloadable product. I wonder if anyone has any ideas on a better way to do this?

    I put in a test product and purchased it. I'm using Paypal. What happens is that after the customer gets through all the PP payment screens, they have to click on 'Return to (website)' which brings them to the order confirmation page with a download button.

    The big problem is that many people are going to ignore the Return to (website) link which means they'll never see the download button.

    It would be a lot better if ZenCart sent them an email with the download link after payment was received.

    Is there an easy way to do this, or does anyone have any other ideas on how to make the download process more foolproof?

    I'll also mention that I had been using Payloaz, which is a free service to handle downloads. But it just stopped working for no reason; clicking on the Add to Cart button brought me to the Payloaz homepage instead of my ebook product page, so I decided to handle it through ZenCart instead where I have more control.

    I was really hoping that there was a download addon, but I didn't see one.

    Thanks, Susie

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    Default Re: Better Way to do Downloads?

    If you would use PayPal Express Checkout instead of PayPal IPN/WPS, then you wouldn't have to rely on your customers clicking "Return to website", and thus they'd see the actual order confirmation on-screen, along with immediate download links also on-screen.

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    Default Re: Better Way to do Downloads?

    Hey, that's a GREAT tip! I didn't know that; haven't looked into Express Checkout at all.

    I'll 'check it out' (ha ha).




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