On 5th April 2011, 05:07 PM DrByte posted the announcement:

I'm confused. I spoke to the PayPal support this evening in order to start converting a couple shopping carts from the 'antiquated' PayPal Website Standard – IPN to PayPal Express Checkout as the announcement suggested. He suggested I do more research if I was not sure why I was making the change.

So, Is the ZC announcement stating not to use Standard at all and switch *all* PayPal payments to PayPal Express? If so, why?

My understanding is that Express requires the customer to already have a PayPal account and Standard does not. If this is correct why would I want to change?

Tech support said PayPal has made no internal announcement of the intent to change at this time with Website Standard. For more information contact PP Integrating Payment Support Department 8a-9p CST (800) 852-1973.

The first week of April they added 8 new IP's and some hosting companies had to update their firewalls to provide for these new IP's. This caused some minor issues but Standard is alive and well. It is used my millions of customers every day.