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    Default Can I integrate zen-cart into my existing site?

    Hi everyone! I have a website template I designed and I really want to keep it. For the time being, I've integrated a really cool shopping cart into it from You can check it out by viewing the home page at All I had to do was insert their code into my home page and bing-bang-boom it was all done. Only problem is they don't use my merchant account so it will cost me twice as much per month to use their service.

    Sorry for the long explanation but my question is whether or not I can insert zen-cart into my home page as I have done with I don't have enough programming experience to create my own zen-cart template and all I really want to do is just use the check-out feature that you see on my site.

    Any help is greatly appreciated !


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    Default Re: Can I integrate zen-cart into my existing site?

    Short answer is 'not really', but it could be kludged by using the method here: , starting at post #11. You have a sufficient number of products to make that a little time-consuming, though, and you miss out on a lot of Zencart's cool features.

    It wouldn't be all that difficult to duplicate your site in Zencart, which would be my recommendation.

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    Default Re: Can I integrate zen-cart into my existing site?

    I also would recommend just creating a custom zen cart template that looks like your current set up. This way you will have full zen cart functionality but be able to keep your current design. There is tons of info on the forum and in the faq's about customizing your zen cart site and creating a custom template.



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    Default Re: Can I integrate zen-cart into my existing site?

    Your template is simple and clean enough that it would be very easy to recreate in Zen Cart, with hardly any file editing, mostly stylesheet editing and admin settings. You could use the ez-pages sidebox for your main navigation, put the "header" graphics/text as HTML content in one of the Zen Cart banners, and put the manufacturer logos in a "Blank Sidebox" or perhaps use the Manufacturer Logos sidebox mod from Free Addons.



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