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    Default Low Order Fee

    I use 'Low Order Fee' as an 'On-Line Booking Fee' for ticket sales - threshold is set at £999, charge is 5% -it applies to all sales.

    I have a tax class set as 'Taxable Goods' and the 'tax Rate' for 'taxable Goods' is set to 20% - (standard Uk VAT)

    I have tried setting the 'tax Class' associated withthe 'Low Order Fee' to 'none' and 'Taxable Goods'. It does not seem to matter what this is set to the fee is calculated as 5% of the subtotal.

    when tax is set as taxable goods I was expecting this to be calculated as 5% of subtotal plus the VAT calculation to increase by a corresponding 20% of that fee.

    Other settings are such that item prices are shown inclusive of VAT. So for example
    Sub Total £25.00 (1 item at £25 inclusive of VAT)
    VAT £4.17
    Fee £1.25
    Total £26.25

    £4.17 is the VAT content of the £25.00
    Fee is 20% of £25.00 = £1.25
    VAT payable on the Fee is 20% of £1.25 = £0.25

    So I expect VAT to show £4.17 + £0.25 = £4.42
    and Total to Show £26.50

    Now I accept that this appears to be a mmisconception on my part as the Fee is 5% of the £25 = 5% of the base plus 5% of the included VAT - so wahts the problem you say.

    SOme items I sell are VAT Free - in this case
    Sub Total £25.00 (1 item at £25 no VAT payable)
    (the VAT does not display)
    Fee £1.25
    Total £26.25

    In this case the FEE is wrong as there is no VAT on the FEE and there should be.

    Am I going GAGGA - is this just my misunderstanding - or is the VAT calculation incorrect on the Fee?

    Can anyone throw some light on this please?

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    Default Re: Low Order Fee

    I know this answer is 5 years late, but anyway

    You have to change the sort order so the "low order fee" is below the VAT line.
    Seems the VAT calculation only looks at items above it.



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