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    Default Admin Area Redirecting

    I saw there was another thread on this but as far as I can see there isn't a solution...

    I have a hosting account with and have zen cart installed in a sub directory. The shop front is working perfectly however the admin area keeps redirecting to a 404.

    I have updated the config file and renamed the admin directory yet it still redirects back to the original /admin which does not exist.

    I have checked them on the server and it has defiantly updated them.

    Weirdly if I rename the admin folder to the original name but keep the config file to the new name it still redirects to the old admin folder and to the rename admin page.

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    Default Re: Admin Area Redirecting

    I have checked them on the server and it has defiantly updated them.
    FTP the admin configure to your PC and view it
    See if it actually contains the corrected edits
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    Default Re: Admin Area Redirecting

    An 'admin' redirect to a 404 is most likely caused by the admin/includes/configure.php file not being correctly uploaded online after being edited, but it could be caused by something else.

    Does your host provide you with a cPanel hosting control panel, and do you have Ultimate SEO URLs installed?




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